About Me

Stephen Cuccia is a California native now living in Meridian, Idaho. He is an outdoorsman, a family man, and a hardworking salesman. He has been named a top salesman for Aflac and other insurance companies.

Cuccia has now focused his sales expertise on his own business dedicated to helping individuals become free of timeshares they may have purchased years earlier. This company, which he owns with his wife of nearly 30 years, is called Easy Timeshare Relief (ETR).

About the Company

Easy Timeshare Relief was founded in 2009 by Stephen Cuccia and his wife Michelle Cuccia. Both had previously worked in the travel industry and found a need for assistance among unhappy timeshare owners.

"We noticed many of our clients in the travel industry were expressing angst due to timeshares they felt they could never end," Cuccia said."We decided to make solving this problem for others our top priority."

Cuccia explained that 80 percent of timeshare owners state they didn't understand the full financial commitment they were making when they took on the timeshare. They also didn't realize they were at the resort's mercy in terms of fees, maintenance, and more. Most timeshare owners wish they knew then what Cuccia and his family have taught them now.

Their expertise in the industry and strong connections have helped them get hundreds of people out of their timeshare commitments. Amazingly, Cuccia's team offers a 100 percent guarantee they can get you out of your current timeshare at the lowest cost possible.

A Philanthropist at Heart

Stephen Cuccia has been volunteering and donating a portion of his earnings for decades. He views the holiday season as one that's forgiving and is always purchasing an enormous amount of gifts for those in need.

In 1994, Cuccia went to Mexico to help build the Gabriel House for homeless children.

Family First

Cuccia is a family man with a family-owned business. He works alongside his wife and is anticipating his 30th anniversary with her in 2022. He is also a father of two with two granddaughters and likely more on the way.

0Personal Interests and Hobbies

Stephen Cuccia focuses much of his energy on his family and his successful business. However, he likes to pass his spare time in the outdoors. He enjoys the sports of golfing and fly-fishing, which he can enjoy much of the year in the beautiful natural surroundings of Idaho.

Professional Skills and Experience

Cuccia has been praised as an excellent salesman he entered the industry as a young adult. He has received multiple accolades from the insurance companies for which he worked. He was named a top salesman for insurance companies in 1984 and 1993. His company Easy Timeshare Relief now has the best reputation in the timeshare exit industry.

Stephen Cuccia remarked that he looks forward to helping more people reach their financial goals through terminating their timeshare agreements. This will allow time and money for the retirement travel and enjoyment they truly desire.

He's also eagerly anticipating decades more of enjoyment with his beautiful wife and family.


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